Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

We share the love of Christ by bringing the Gospel message and social services to the unreached and marginalized in Romania.

Our Mission

By supporting and working through MLI Romanian staff, our mission is twofold:

  1. To bring social services to the underserved, especially children at risk of abuse and trafficking, and marginalized gypsies . . . and
  2. To plant rural churches, and provide U.S. church partners and lay leadership training for Evangelical churches in Romania.

Our Vision

To see the Romanian and the people of Southeastern Europe spiritually set free through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our Values

Our values describe what we believe and champion in all aspects of our ministry.

The Power of the Gospel

We have a message with inherent power. It is this power that brings people to Christ.

The Primacy of Prayer

We cannot pry open doors of opportunity. Only God can defeat the forces of Satan and provide avenues for His truth.

The Priority of Partnerships

We seek to have strategic alignments with individual donors, churches, foundations and Christian organizations. Our partners provide funds, prayer and personnel. Missio International provides infrastructure, administration and strategic services.

The Pursuit of Developing and Releasing Leaders

Developing and releasing leaders is a priority for ensuring that the baton of leadership is passed and churches are ultimately nationally-led. We are also committed to the life-long professional and spiritual development of national leaders.